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February Riddles by Zidane

Answers to December Riddles 1. Love 2. Your age 3. The letter “M” 4. Fire 5. A radio February Riddles 1. I have many servants, in all the number five; they fulfill my purpose, and I keep them alive. What am I? 2. Though it’s true I don’t have many suits, that is what is fair; for when I show my noble face, my lessers can’t compare. What am I? 3. I break through rock, smash through wood, and render steal useless. Yet I am lived in, can be easily contained, and if you don’t use me you will die. What am I? 4. 
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December Haiku

December Poetry By Juliette  Cold sting of winter air Bites with frozen jaws at the Warmth of our small toes Made it out of clay And when it’s dry and ready Dreidel I shall play We wake up to that Lovely smell of Christmas pine And the early fog Snow fades beneath feet Snowflakes glide to eyelashes Cocoa burns young tongues Crisp rips of paper Bows torn off, smiles then brighten Makes a happy mess My dry, old hands soothe My very chapped lips that sting Looking for chapstick Holidays are done Appreciative of my gifts Leaving family  Gg

December Riddles by Zidane

Answers to November Riddles 1. There are five children 2. A rainbow 3. Loneliness 4. An individual  5. A stapler December Riddles 1. What’s useless to one but priceless to two, can create and destroy but can never be touched? 2. What never stops progressing until the day you die? 3. What appears once in a minute, twice in a millennium, but never in a hundred years? 4. Let me breathe and I will thrive, give me a drink and I will die. What am I? 5. I send waves but not of water, can instate any kind of emotion, sit in your pocket or in your car. What am I?

November Riddles by Zidane

November Riddles By Zidane Answers to October Riddles 1. His own nose 2.  Stop imagining 3. There are two “me”s. 4. He is going by B.C. years 5. Nothing This Month’s Riddles 1. Mary has four daughters, and each daughter has a brother. How many children are there? 2. What’s red, blue, yellow and green, but no one can touch it, not even the queen? 3. What’s always with one but never with two, and can fill an entire room? 4. What is something that all people share, but never fits in with a group? 5. With sharp fangs I lie in wait, dolling over bloodless prey, eternally enjoying in a single bite. What am I?
October Riddles  By: Zidane 1. What does the greatest detective in the world always overlook? 2.  Imagine you are surrounded by sharks in a sinking boat with nothing to help you. How do you get out? 3. Can you tell me me what's wrong with this sentence? 4. A man is 25 in 1985, but 15 in 1995. How is this possible? 5. What is everywhere, but nowhere at once?

🎃Halloween 🎃

Halloween By: Angela Ramirez There are many reasons to celebrate halloween; the haunted mansions, old witches, the funny or scary costumes, pumpkin carvings,  and the joy of going trick-or-treating and getting a lot of candy, kids at each house demanding sweets, snacks, and small gifts. Halloween is a widely celebrated tradition amongst a lot of Americans. In the beginning of October you start seeing very decorated houses, and stores become full of candy ready, for customers to buy. Halloween it the biggest celebration that sells the most candy in the United States, and an enjoyed day filled with mystery, magic, and superstition. Halloween is celebrated on October 31, and it has its roots in the ancient, pre Christian-Celtic festival of Samhain. They believed that putting wine and food outside their doors would keep the bad spirits away from them. Halloween came to America when European immigrants arrived there, bringing their customs with them. Taking from the Irish and English

⭐️STAR WARS QUIZ⭐️ By Zidane

(Answers at the bottom ⬇️) 1. Who's your favorite journalist? ;) Zidane Juliette Odessa (Just kidding. Next....) 2. Who is the leader of the Sith from episode IV to episode VI? Darth Vader Darth Sidious Darth Bane Jar Jar Binks 3. Who is the other Force-sensitive besides Luky Skywalker? Han Solo R2-D2 Princess Leia C3-P0 4. Which character is not Force sensitive, yet wields lightsabers? Anakin Skywalker General Grievous